29th & 30th August!

Principal’s Message:

Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors,

DPS Whitefield cordially invites your school to its second edition of Model United Nations conference, DWMUN which is scheduled to be held virtually ,on the 29th and 30th August, 2020.
Students from class VIII to 1st year college students are invited to participate. We shall update you with the conference details, country allotments, agenda topics as soon as we hear from you.
You can email us at dpswmun@gmail.com
We present 5 fundamental committees that have dynamic agendas, so as to cover wide range of issues that go beyond the borders of our conventional thought.

These are:        

  • SOCHUM – Social Cultural and Humanitarian Committee
  • HSC – Historic Security Council
  • WTO – World Trade Organisation
  • UNOOSA – United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

We look forward to your participation, as this conference will bring several opportunities to the students. They will also be able to use their Model UN skills to bring important issues to light and forge friendship and contacts to last a lifetime.

Secretary General’s Message:

As the Secretary General of a Model UN conference, one is spoiled for choice while deciding which particular issue to address through this letter. For I could not possibly overstate the value of an opportunity to reach hundreds of students through a few paragraphs. I suppose I could have chosen to write about the sustainable development goals or the spirit of diplomacy as most Secretaries General do in letters of this sort. Instead, I shall address a matter that is far more relevant within the context of an MUN and close to my heart.
Both Model UN veterans and critics alike would argue that the quality of debate in MUN
circuits across the country has deteriorated over the last couple of years. For the most part, they are not wrong. In my humble opinion, this is not because of an inherent flaw in the activity itself as they would have you believe, but because of a fairly recent change in perception of what an MUN truly is.
The notion that MUNs are a “learning experience” above all ignores a fundamental truth; at its core, an MUN is a competition. While I entirely agree that Model UN conferences have a lot to offer in the way of learning, their true merit lies in the skills they passively develop. I firmly assert that it is only through the genuine investment created by the pursuit of victory that knowledge gained is best retained. Regardless of the end result, I am certain that through the process of competing to win, you will ultimately gain more from the experience than by simply participating for the sake of itself.
My reason for presenting this argument to you is fairly straightforward. I believe that my role as the Secretary General of this conference is merely that of a facilitator. However, I will only have succeeded in that capacity if the delegates of this conference have a memorable and fruitful experience in terms of the quality of debate. Therefore, in the interest of fulfilling this objective, I have chosen to implore you to compete sincerely, irrespective of what you perceive to be the likely outcome. I wholeheartedly wish you the best of luck and look forward to meeting you at DWMUN 2020!

Sanjith Harsha Kumar
Secretary General